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Every traditional Puerto Rican home has some of these items in their pantries or bathroom cabinets. Traditionally these items where used as col b ognes, rubbing alcohols, or for bathing. Today many Spiritual Workers and Brujos use these items to make spiritual baths, house cleansing, or washes, and to remove negative vibrations from the home. All these items can be found in Caribbean Latino Bodegas, (food markets) Botanicas and online. Recently I have found them in Grocerie stores in the Hispanic section. A true Brujo never purchases premade baths or oils, we make them ourselves. None of these items are made for internal intake or consumption.

Agua Bendita: No home should be without Holy water, it removes negative vibrations, keeps evil spirits away, heals, used to remove evil. Never purchase Holy Water, gather some in a church, but be respectful and leave an offering.

Agua Maravilla: Used to heal acne, scars scratches, minor burns, reduces swelling.

Alcolado 70 Superior: Used when cleansing a body, during pases, cleansing the aura, healing with the power or prayer and the hands. Add to bath water to help in quick recovery from colds and flues. A person who has a temperature is rubbed down with it. Used as a floor wash or spray in the room of a sick individual.

Alcolado Mentolado: Mainly used as a rubbing alcohol for the sick, placed in a simmering pot to cleanse and purify the air. Sprinkled on the bed of a person who is ill will help them recover quicker. Rub on individuals to aid in reducing fever. Other popular alcoholado are Alcolado Relampago and Alcolado w/Eucalyptus

Añil: Indigo Blue Balls. Used to remove psychic attacks, dispell demons, used with florida water in Misas to keep evil spirits away. Used in baths to remove bad

Arnica pomada: Used to heal bruises, minor burns, simple scratches and cracked or chapped skin.

Azahar Orange Flower: Used in love baths, to attract a mate or lover.

Camphor: Used to dispel and remove negative vibrations, promote calm sleep, cleanse and purify. Used in baths to treat colds, or skin irritations, or in a humidifier to help relieve congestion. Sooth minor burns relieve insect bites.

Cocoa Butter: For healing dry skin, moisturizing, facials, healing cuts or wounds.

Colonia Agua Floral : To cleanse an aura, calm nerves, and remove negative vibrations.

Colonia Agua de Ruda: Remove the evil eye, bring peace to a disturbed individual, calm a troubled person, used as a floor wash to calm the house.

Colonia Kananga Water: To remove the evil eye, black magic or curses. Used to clean the house from negative vibrations and appeasing the spirits of the dead.

Colonia patchouli, Colonia Abre Caminos, Colonia Dominante: Colonias come in many different fragrances, and are all great for spiritual baths and house cleansing. Add to your herbal infusions.

Florida Water: Cleansing and purification. Remove tension, Aleve minor headaches, caused by tension or evil eye. Cleanse the home.

Jabon Zote: used to wash ritual clothing, altar cloths, great after shampoo to combat oily hair, soap used for spiritual baths before spiritual work, mosquito repellent, and keep rodants away. Placed on altars to keep bugs away from offerings.

Hoyt’s Cologne: Used by men before shaving, and as an after shave, contracts the pores, a mild astringent that soothes and heals skin abrasions caused by shaving.

Kolomia 1800: add to herbal teas for spiritual baths, and cleaning the home.

MASLAC manteca de Ubre: For muscle tension. Many santiguadores use this product, it was a staple in my house.

Miel Rosada / Pink Honey:

Mutton Tallow: Used to treat cold sores, chapped hands, skin and lips, and for the relief of sunburn

Pompeya Lotion: Used in baths to attack luck, and prosperity, Calms stress, and agitation, it soothes, comforts and calms for a restful sleep.

Rose Water : Used for love baths, romance, attraction, and peace in relationships.

Siete Machos Cologne: Used for men in baths to attract women, make a man more sexually appealing, to win over a woman, and in luck with games of chance and gambling.

Tranquil Balsam: Sprinkle on wrists or forehead to soothe nerves, worries and anxiety.

Violetas Francesas Cologne, Agua de Violetas, Royal Violets Cologne: for spiritual baths.


THE 21 Courtes / Commisiones of Spirits in Puerto Rican Espiritismo

Las 21 Commisiones Espirituales del Espiritismo Puertoriqieno.

In Puerto Rican Espiritismo, there exists various Courts or Gathering Groups of Spirits known collectively as Las Commisiones. This group of spirits are part of an individuals Cuadro Espiritual, “spiritual frame” and make up a cadena espiritual, “spiritual chain” or Enlace,Espiritul “Spiritual link,” with a person. On an Espiritista’s tableau (altar) one will often see statutes or framed photos of Saints, Angels, pagan gods, indigenous spirits, Asian and Hindu gods, gypsies, spiritual animals, or mythical creatures all sharing a space on one altar. This makes up that particular Espiritistas, Cuadro Espiritul. But with one central piece usually being the largest, and that one being the Guia Espiritual. Or the larger can be a Guardian Angel, or an aspect of the Virgin Mary or a Saint, with a smaller statue of the Guia Espiritual towards the right side of the larger. One thing to note while a Principle Guide can often share space on a tableau. A Saint or a guardian angel should never be placed on a Fuente Espiritual. A fuente espiritual, “spiritual fountain” is an altar dedicated in the memory of Ancestral Spirits. Similar to an Afro Cuban Santeria boveda. My next blog will be on the Fuente Espiritual, the tableau altar and the Mesa Blanca.

Although I mention 21, there are more, these listed here are the Commisiones that work la obra de la Luz, the Way of the Light, and work for the Sancista and the Espiritista; in Obras espirituales “Spiritual Work” usually for the greater good of the person, “working with them” and the community. But can also be used in protection, fighting Spiritual warfair, and healing. They also work in helping a person with the development of their faculties, spiritual work, spell casting,amenities, spiritual growth, bestowing insightful messages, answer and solutions to every day problems, just to name a few things they can do

Every human has one, two and sometimes three or more of these Spiritual Forces that make up an individuals Cuadro Espiritual. But with one being a person’s central Guia Principal. (Principle Guide). You will often hear an Espiritista when giving a consultation or santiguando / limpia “a spiritual cleansing” say to an individual. You have a Cadena with a Gypsi, or a Marinero, or that a Madama follows you. Or that the person has an Indian Spirit that walks with him / her. Or that the person is spiritually married to a Cacique Indian, or even has a strong Spiritual link with a Congo Spirit. One thing is for certain each individual has a Patron Saint and a Guardian Angel that is part of the individuals Spiritual Frame and also a Principle Guide. The trained Espiritista can determine from the group of Commisiones which one is a person’s Guia Principal (Principle Guide) through a Spiritual Mass or Seance, in which the Guia Principal will be the first spirit to manifest and mount the Espiritista or try and take possession of a person head through a Baptismal ceremony, and therefor claiming that persons head. Other ways of determining ones Guia Principal, can be done through divination, while under a trance, or through dreams. While an Espiritista determines which is a persons Guia Primcipal, they also can determine a persons Partron Saint or Angel de la Guarda, (Guardian Angel) in the same manner. Through a Misa Espiritual “Spiritual Mass,” a Sesion “seance” or baptismal.” Although a Patron Saints and a Guardian Angel can be determined in the same manner, they can also be determined by analyzing a persons family lineage, or the day a person was born to see if it correlates to the day of a Patron Saint, or Guardian Angel.

The belief in past lives and Reincarnation play a pivotal and major role in Espiritismo. The spirits are a chain or link to a persons past life and not only can they be Guias Principales but also can be either a lover, or a spouse from a past life, an ancient ancestral spirit, a departed family member, or even the culture or race the person was in a past life.

Usually the person has strong qualities or traits of the Guia Principal, that is often compared to that of astrology and the zodiac. For example, if the individual is flirtatious or loves to dance and dress in extravagant clothing, a Espiritista will say, they have a gypsi spirit with them. Or the person loves to go fishing, enjoys the sea or could be a bit of a kleptomaniac, the person has a spiritual link or chain with a pirate spirit. Or an adult person has a mischievous nature, enjoys pranks, and often gets into trouble they have an Infantil. During a seance, fiesta espiritual or a spiritual mass, the person mounted by a spirit will display traits of that particular spirit. Note that it is not unheard of, that two spirits from the Commision are at odds and fighting for a persons head, and trying to be the main Principle Guide. When this happens, the person shows traits of both spirits.

There are Comisiones also that do harm, bring upon illness, diseases, mental problems, disorder and financial difficulties to name a few of the calamities to a person. This group of spirits are our own inner demons. This group of spirits has a link with an individual usually trying to find justice from a wrong or an injustice done unto them, from a past life, seek payment from a past dept, or dealing with a past life curse.
1. COMMISIONES DE CHAMANES, BRUJOS, YERBATEROS, TRABAJADORES ESPIRITUALES. – They aid in magic, herbalism, healing, visions, knowledge of omens,
Offerings – Aguardiente, black unsweetened coffee.
Candle – Green, Brown

2. COMMISIONES DE GITANOS AND GITANAS. – Gypsies, They aid in Divination, Fortune Telling, palmistry, love, and passion. Offerings – Crystals, tarot cards, playing cards, Aguardiente Liquor. Cigarettes.
Candle – Red, Black

3. COMMISIONES DE MADAMAS Y MADAMOS – Negra Thomasa, Nego Jose. They are the care takers, those that aid in the home, and protection of the family and children.
Offerings – Corn Meal, okra, coffee, cigars
Candle colors – Red or white.

4. COMMISIONES DE PIRATAS Y MARINEROS. – Roberto Cofresí Ramirez de Arellano / el pirata Capitan Confresi, Capitan Henry Morgan. They symbolize courage, strength, fearless hearts, overcoming adversity.
Offering. Rum, sugarcane, cigars.
Color Candles. Red, black, white.

5. COMMISIONES DE INDIOS Y CACIQUES. – Los Tainos. The Buhuitihu, They aid in Spiritual warfair, judicial matters, patience, searching, aiding one in finding wisdom and knowledge of pre-Columbian spirits and Spiritual forces.
Offerings – tobacco, black coffee, corn meal. Candle – Blue, Yellow.

6. COMMISIONES DE LOS ORIENTALES. El Buddha, Guanyin. They aid in money matters, luck, the lottery, luck in love, financial gain, and better business
Offering – Citrus fruits, incense. Candle – pink, red.

7. COMMISIONES DE LOS ARABES. – They aid with the Wisdom of the magical forces of the Djjinn Offering garbanzo beans, garlic, flat bread, Olive Color Candles. Green and Black. oil.

8. COMMISIONES MEDICAS / SANTIGUADORES / CURANDERA. – Jose Gregorio Hernandez They aid in all health matters, healing, finding a cure. Medacine and herbalism. Offering – herbal teas of all sorts. Candle, white. yellow.

9. COMMISIONSES DE LOS CONGOS. – Pa Francisco, Ma Francisca. The Congo Spirits are that group of Spirits who in Africa where Kings, Queen, of Royal heritage or important nobile figures in Africa but where slaves in the Americas. Pai Fransisco, Mai Fransisca, el Congo and La Kongas. They aid in Black Magic, defending against occult enemies and protection.
Offerings – Cigars, Rum, okra, corn meal, tobacco and coffee
Candle Color – Black,Brown, Orange, and Purple .

10. COMMISIONES DE LOS SANTOS. The Saints all have their own attributes.
Each saint has its own color candle and offering.

11. COMMISIONES DE LOS HINDU. – Hindu The wisdom of the Hindu Gods. 7 multi color candle.

Each Angel has their own Color Candle and offering. White.

13. COMMISIONES DE LOS ESCLAVOS. Negra Amparo, Negro Felipe, Negro Jose, Negra Elena. They aid in courage, obstacles, hard work, and patience.
Offering – same as Madama and Congo Candle – White Purple,

14. COMMISIONES DE LOS INFANTILES. Nino Divino, Nino de Atocha. This group of spirits are tricksters, who play pranks on humans, But can be very protective.
Offerings – coins, candy, toys, sweets. Candle, yellow, orange.

15 COMMISIONES DE LAS BENDITA ANIMAS Y ANIMA SOLAS. – Juan Minero, Maria Celestina Abdegano, Fransisca Durante. These Spirits will aid you in any undertaking as long as you offer them prayers, and light.
Offering – Holy Water, Ice cubes, any liquor or drink to quench their thirst.
Candle – Red Black

16. COMMISIONES DE LIBERTADORA. -This group aids you in wisdom, study, and court trials, freedom and liberation.
Offering – Brandy, Cigars.
Color – White, Yellow.

17. COMMISIONES DE LOS VAGABUNDOS, Y BOHEMIOS. – This group aids in poetry, written letters, music. Offerings, toast, bread or crackers. Candle, Brown, Green.

18. COMMISIONES DE LOS HEROES Y LIDERS. – This group of spirits aid you in battles of all kinds.
Candle, White.

19. COMMISIONES AFRICANA. – Spirits that followed Los Misterios in life, the Orisha , Nikisi, and Lwa. They are the messengers of the Misterios and when they come down will show many characteristics of the Orisha and Lwa.
Offering – each spirit has his/her own preferable offering.
7 Color Candle.

20. COMMISIONES ELEMENTALES. – Cuatro Vientos. Maria de los Cuatro Costales. This group of spirits fall under the four cardinal points, spirits of the Four Elements.
Each element has its own color and offering.

21. COMMISIONES DE LOS JUANES Y LAS MARIAS. – Juan Negro, Juan Indio Juan del Tabacco. Maria de la Luz. This group kept the.secreats knowlwdge and wisdom of their people hidden and alive for future generations, and will aid you. In life they where not born with the name Juan or Maria, but where changed buy their white masters or because of religion.

Que los Muertos, los Seres, los Antepasados y los Misterios te Bendiga, en el nombre de Dios. Brujo Luis

This list is not complete but a ruff draft of the Spiritual latter, or PYRAMID as followed by Puerto Rican Sanse and Espiritismo Puerto Riqueno,



3. PURE SPIRITS. PURE ETERNALS, SUPREME ENTITIES, Seraphins, Cherabins, Dominions, Thrones.


5. Asended Masters, The Higher Self, The Great Prophets,Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Muhammad

6. Arch Angels, Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, Auriel.

7. Saints, Forces of Nature, Spirits of Nature.

8. Guardian Angels

9. Protective Spirits, Spirit Guides, Ancestors.

10. Court of Great Heroes and Leaders.

11. Higher Demons

12. Lower Demons

13.,Dark Spirits, Earth Bound Spirits, Intranquil spirits, lonely souls, Anima Solas, Ghosts.Aperitions

14. Humans

What does the word Sanse mean?

The word Sanse or its variations Zancie, Zance, Sanses or Sances , has its roots and originates from the Spanish word Sesion, which translates in English to Seance. A practitioner of Sanse, male and female is known as a Sancista or a Sancero “male” Sancera “female”, He/she that follows the Spiritism Mesa Blanca tradition of Puerto Rico, and works the white Seance table. The spanish word for Spiritist is Espiritista and they follow Espiritismo. Although the two words in Puerto Rico and for Puerto Ricans in the mainland of the States, use the words Sanse and Espiritista interchangeably. It must be noted that while practitioners of Sanse practice Espiritismo, that by no means “means” that all who practice Espiritismo, practice Sanse. Unlike Spiritists from around the world, that work only with communicating with Spirits. In Puerto Rico as well as in the mainland where Puerto Ricans call home. Sanse Espiritismo is similar to Brazilian ‘Umbanda” and Venezuelan “Tres 3 Potencias Espiritismo’. The Sancista / Espiritista work with communicating with Spirits, folk saints, healing, folk magic, brujeria, herbalism, divination, and fortune telling. Many will say Sanse is an “A.T.R.” African Traditional Religion, but I can not completely agree with this theory. Although some of the Spirits respected and traditions are of African origin, many are European, and Indigenous.

The 10 Levels of Spirits that a Puerto Rican Sancista Espiritista can manifest.

1. Espiritus Ilustrados: (The Enlightened Ones) Enlightened Spirits. Spirits of Perfection, Intellectually superior, pure in feeling, universal harmony. This group of spirits are closest to God, and are never influenced by material things.

2. Espiritus Superiores: (The Superiors) These spirits transmit morality, wisdon, scientific knowledge, universal laws, and mysteries of the universe. These Spirits only manifest themselves through a Medium in missions of pure enlightenment and good.

3. Espiritus Prudentes: ( The Prudent) Wise and judicious. They manifest themselves with morality but with limited wisdom.

4., Espiritus Sapiente: ( The Sapiens) Great wisdom and sound judgment, great advice, but limited scientific wisdom.

5. Espiritus Benevolos: (The Benevolent Ones) High level of morality, and ethics. They manifest for the greater good of the medium but hold limited wisdom.

6. Espiritus Perturbado: (The Perturbers) Disturbed, disquiet, and agitated spirits. This group of spirits are deranged and manifest disorder.

7. Espiritus Neutrales: (The Neutrals) This group of spirits are neither benevolent nor malevolent. They easily manifest themselves by material objects, and can be as badly natured as they are good. These spirits are usually bantering in nature, but easily agitated.

8. Espiritus Falsos: (The False Instructors) This Group of Spirits manifest as all knowing, but usually give false, untrue, and ignorant information.

9. Espiritus Fantasmas: (The Ghosts) Ignorant and mocking, this group of spirits clings to the material world. Some have an evil nature and feed of the energy of fear in humans. Others are spirits who clung to the material world because of a traumatic experience during life, and are unable to go into the light with out the aid of a Sanse Espiritista.

10. Espiritus Impuros Intranquilos (The Impure Intranquil) Malevolent spirits, full of hatred and grudges. of Spirits are wondering souls that are known as poltergeists, they manifest themselves as imperceptible and unpredictable entities. They have the strength because of their pure rage to move inanimate objects, impaired knocking, pounding or banging) and, on many occasions can physically attack the living.

Luz y Progresso, I am Hermano “Brother” Luis also known as Brujo Luis. I have been practicing variouse traditions of Caribbean Brujeria Witchcraft for over 20 years, since my late teens. I have also been reading Tarot, doing palm readings and giving Spiritual Consultations since the age of 19 to my hispanic community here in Massachusettes.
I was born with the sight of clairvoyance as I have seen shadows and felt other worldly presences ever since I could remember. I am a Medium of the Mesa Blanca tradition and baptized a Sancista, and a Santerista all of the Puerto Rican traditions. I also underwent various initiations into the Cuban Santeria Lukumi tradition in the early 90s, receiving my collares and guerrilleros, but I never felt quit comfortable with that Religion, so shortly afterwards I returned to my Puerto Rican eclectic roots and heritage. A spiritual and occult traditions that is as colorful and beautiful as its people. Sance also known as Zancie, Zance, Sanses, Puerto Rican Voodoo or Puerto Rican Umbanda and Mesa Blanca Espiritismo and Santerismo all traditions of the Puerto Rican people.
My late Abuela “Grandmother”, Que en el Reino de Papa Dios descanse, was a well known Espiriritista and Yerbera in her hometown pueblo of Comerio, Puerto Rico. In a time when Catholicism was the predominant religion in her town, she practiced her Taino and Spanish Gypsi occult herritage secretly. Every summer my parents would escort me to Puerto Rico, and stay a week or two, and I was left under the care of my grandmother for the summer. As a young boy I would aid her in collecting herbs in her garden or in the woods behind her house for spiritual work, and secretly watched her as she told fortunes with a spanish deck of cards. My abuela would always tell me I had el Don to work la obra espiritual, and that I had the sight to see Spirits and that my Guia Principal was to come to me, when I would suffer “un gran susto’ a time of great distress. But being a child I paid no mind to what she said, as it was normal in my eyes to see the spirits I saw, since they appeared like any living person.
At a young age I could see the Spirits but I had not fully developed my spiritual faculties. I could feel the presence of the Dead and see them, but I could not hear them nor communicate with them.
The time of great distress that she fortold came to me shortly after I returned from Puerto Rico to the states in late August of 1978. I was 7 years old, being a child I loved the out doors in my innercity neighborhood. One day while playing outside I heard the ice cream truck comming down the street, and like any 7 year old I ran towards my house to get money from my mother. Being a normal child of 7, I ran frantically across the street without looking both ways and got hit by a moving vehicle. The only thing I remember from that incident, was being under the car that hit me, black out, on my mothers plastic covered couch, black out, my mother crying frantically, as Doña Fela, the neighboorhood witch prayed over me, black out, and being inside an ambulance. It was in the ambulance that my Guia Espiritual came to me. I remember being scared and my mother crying, but all I could focus on was the red cross on the window of the door to the ambulance, and how the lights ontop of the roof flickered, through the glass. Then one of the lights from the window appeared to come to me, and take form. and there buy my mothers side stood a male figure, whom I had presumably assumed was Jesus Christ, but with a much darker completion than the Jesus I had seen on the fotos of every wall in the homes of Puerto Ricans.. He put a hand on my mother as to console her and set his deep brown eyes upon me and spoke to me in a language neither Spanish nor English, but somehow I understood him. From what I remember he said. “There is no need to worry Luis, your time on this earth has not come to an end, I am here with you and always will be.”. I looked up at my mother, who had been crying all along, praying her Rosaries, and oblivious to the Spectre that was in her presence. I put my hand on hers, to calm her down from the “ataque” she was suffering, and calmly told her all was going to be fine. Then as quickly as the apparition had come, it had left. I remember being disappointed for never knowing his name. I would not come to know his name until my late teens.
After my short stay in the hospital, I had returned to life as normal. With the exception that before getting hit by a car and surviving, I had been a popular kid with many friends, but after my hospital visit I had become an outcast. I secluded myself from the other children and began to “talk to my self and my imagery friends.”. To me not only could I see them, but now I could hear them and talk to then as I would converse to any other living person. The kids that had once been my friends began to taunt me, and the teachers made comments to themselves of the boy who spoke to himself and answered questions to the void of space around him. This worried my teachers and soon they contacted the principle who then summoned my parents and adviced them that they should seak counseling and therapy for me. My mother being Puerto Rican did not believe in Anglo medicine or their way of doing things, so she sent me to Puerto Rico for a year, where she believed I would receive the best help I could get in the care of my Abuela and family on the island.
The Year I spent with my abuela and family in Puerto Rico and my spiritual growth, and denial of the Spirits, will be saved for the next blog. Que Papa Dios, La Virgen y tu Cuadro Espiritual los Bendiga. Mucha Fe, Esperanza y Carodad.