The Code of a Puerto Rican Brujo

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Madre Sabiduria, Sophia, Wisdom

Fe, Faith = Cross

Esperanza, Hope = Anchor

Caridad, Charity = Heart

The Universe is a living, breathing Essense. Sanse, Santerismo, Espiritismo and Brujeria is a method of interacting and communicating with this living energy of the Universe. The Energy has many names, Prana, Mana, Chi, Espiritu Santo, and Aché. This universal energy is transmitted to humans through the personal interaction of Spirits, Souls, the Ancestors, ones dead the Mysteries and Angelic Forces. Its Origin is of Papa Dios, (God)

We practice what would be termed as Folk Magic by attunining ourselves to the living energy.

This living energy can seize a practitioner of Sanse, Santerismo, and Brujeria at anytime or through, prayer, mediation, communicating with Spirits or Spiritual work.

A Santerista, or Brujo, enters their spiritual path through a personal encounter with the Living Energy.

Once a Brujo (a), always a Brujo (a). It is part of your genetic makeup.

Those who practice Sanse or Santerismo are baptized or initiated into Sanse or Santerismo. but a Brujo, psychic, clairvoyant, or medium is born one, even if an individual comes to realize their gift or place in their Spiritul growth, later on in life. As you are born one, so shall you die one.

We practice la obra de la Luz, Fe, Esperaza y la Caridad. (Light, Faith, Hope and Charity) Although some perform malicious practices. We must assume complete responsibilities for our actions and be willing to submit to the consequences.

A disincarnate malicious spirits can be as dangerous and as powerful as a incarnate malicious spirit.

Sanse, Santerismo and Brujeria respects the rights, sexual preference, race, color of skin, gender, economic status, and religious beliefs of others.

Those who practice Sanse, Santerismo and Brujeria work with Ancestral veneration, Spirit Comminication, spiritual healing, Spiritual counseling, divination, spiritual teaching, prayer, meditation, herbalism, and all forms of Saint, Angelic, and folk magic,

Those who follow Sanse, Santerismo and Brujeria are people of the people and work for the community. We are all Brothers and Sisters, and children of God, and we pledge to assist our fellow man and woman wherever and whenever needed.

Sanse, Santerismo / Espiritismo and Brujeria are not religions, they are spiritual paths, and will enhances ones personal (if any) religious beliefs.

An apprentice of Sanse, Brujeria and Santerismo learns the greatest of wisdom from an elder, family member, a spiritual teacher, and family traditions, but most wisdom comes from the Living Energy and the Spirits. Ones Teacher Within.

Blood is the most Sacred of Essences. It is a sacred gift from God, But it is of God and for God only to take; and God does not need blood offerings or animal sacrifices, neither do the saints, angels or commissions.

Practice always the act of Chivalry, for it has not passed with the knights of old. Have compassion, bravery, courage, courtesy, honor, gallantry, honour, justice, integrity and a readiness to help the weak.

It must be acknowledged that thoughts and intents shown on this Earth will return to you in this life or in future reincarnations and into the realm of spirit. So we must exercise discipline because “as you sow, so shall you reap.” Whatever you give out to others, will eventually be given back to you. If you sow corn, (corn oil) you will not reap olives. (Olive oil)

In all you do, prepare your soul and mind in being like divine. Our main goal of existence is that our Spirit becomes an enlightened one.

Your word must have the validity of a signed and witnessed oath. So give out your solemn word, rarely and when you do stick to it with the strength of iron.

When giving a consultation through divination or through Spirit, remember that what is said to a client must stay under complete confidentiality.

Beware of speaking ill of others, or judging a person because of the view of another, one will never know all the truths behind the matter.

He who has a house of glass, should not throw stones.

Do not take advantage of the weak, poor, or fellow man.

Be mindful and careful of what you say and how you say it, because one day you will swallow your own bitter words.

Do not consent in unverified words about another, rumors are often based on lies.

Be honest and humble with others and let others know that honesty and humbleness is also what is expected of them. Do not tolerate disrespect or diseption.

Fury in the moment plays tricks on the truth, Do not act under fury, step back and calm yourself before reacting

Always consider the consequences of your actions on others.

You have the God given power to protect and defend yourself. Not to protect yourself or defend yourself is being as much accountable for the act as the one who commits the offense.

Know when to fight and when to walk away,

Dignity, gentle manners and good humor always provoke admiration.

As a Medium of God and Spirit you have the power bestowed upon you by God, and your power will grow greatly with age. The wisdom will be bestowed upon you by the Spirits and the Mysteries of God. Use the Gift with Prudence and Discretion.

Courage and Honor endure forever. Their echoes remain when empires and mountains have crumbled to dust.

The Misteries of God are as immense as the Universe, and can never be fully learned nor comprehended by any human. No person who lives, will live or has lived, has ever been or ever will be: a living Adept.

Life is a process of learning daily and everlasting growth. Every waking day, learn something new.

Swear an oath of friendship and loyalty to those who deserve it. Stay clear from those who do not.

Those who follow the mysteries should be above reproach in the eyes of the world.

The laws of the nation must be obeyed whenever possible and that they are reasonable,

Seek perfection in body and mind.

How can you honor, respect or love others unless you first learn to honor, respect and love yourself?”

Your physical body must be treated as the greatest temple of God and your head should be the light from the brightest candle on the altar.

Those who follow the Mysteries are the chosen of God, to help in leading humanity to the highest of thrones, and beyond the stars.
Above all. Be true and kind towards yourself.


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