The other day I was watching one of my favorite witchy movies, Practical Magic, and there was a scene when Sally, (Sandra Bullock) the aunts and a group of “witches” had to exorcise the evil spirit of a dead lover from Gillian, (Nicole Kidman). In one sceen after a successful but quick exorcism, one of the witches says out loud, to the newly formed Coven of witches. “Lets clean house!’ At this point, and although almost at the final act of the film, I lost my complete attention on the movie, my thoughts went racing, and all I could think of was, getting off my lazy culo, and darle una limpia espiritual, a esta casa. (Give the house a spiritual cleansing.)

I began to gather the necessary items needed for a thorough house cleansing. As I gathered my stuff from the cabinets and under the kitchen since, I put on my ipod and played Spanish Espiritismo and Santeria music, folkloric music of Cuba and Puerto Rico, sung to the Spirits and Saints with traditional Caribbean beats: not to be confused with Afro Cuban ritual Lukumi music, which is set to drum beats with African words. As the music played I felt, el toque espiritual surge through my vains as an overpowering rush of spiritual energy took over me, which usually happens when I have a spiritual undertaking. I remember thinking to myself. “O Cara! This will make a great post for my blogs.

I give my home a spiritual cleaning once a week (usually Sundays or Thursdays) and a quick nightly pick up every night. In Puerto Rico it is believed that a dirty house shows signs of bad character. If you want to know a person’s spiritual character or their character in general, visit their home. My abuela (grandmother) would often say one of her wise Spanish Proverbs. (Cool future blog, Abuelas words of wisdom, Spanish Proverbs) Anyways My abuela would often say. “El Porque vives en la suciedad no significa que tienes que ser sucio.” (Just because you live in dirt, don’t mean you have to act dirty). What she literally meant by this statement was, that just because one lives in poverty did not mean one had to act uneducated; but she always said this whenever she cleaned her small Puerto Rican one room wooden shack on the islands of enchantment

A constant dirty house full of clutter is the home of a person who is weak, lazy, and surrounded by negative vibrations within their life in all its shapes and forms, (IT SHOWS WEAK CHARACTER) An over messy and unkempt house shows something is deeply bothering a person, their mentality is weak and frail. Think of it this way, as we get into our golden years, we often become to sick, frail, or weak to clean our own homes, sometimes these elderly have members of the family who come and help them with their house chores, or hire a cleaner. This by no means signifies that an elderly person has negative vibrations, although in some cases it does. It simply means that they are either to old or weak to keep up with their chores. This concept of frailty and weakness can also apply to the mentally and spiritually disturbed. This also applies to the younger crowd, If you ever enter into the home of a person who is in dipression, or has a troubled mind their homes are usually messy and unkempt. Also look at a teenagers room, usually their rooms are cluttred and messy. Their every thoughts are full of growing pains, pear preasure, lost loves, school projects or exans, getting their licenses, acceptance, laziness and other issues that their minds are so boggled up with these thoughts that they fail to keep clean the single most sacred of all man made sanctuaries, a bed room.

Turn on your television and look up the t.v. program: Hoarders, these poor individual’s lives are so full of termoil, mental warfare, and spiritual negative baggages without an outlet to unleash these emotions that they often turn to collecting and keeping material junk and garbage as a means of feeling that they have some self control over their lives.

As is tradition with Creollos and Creollas, Puerto Rican Creoles of the island, I always start my cleaning in the bathroom, which is believed to be the filthiest of rooms. Then I clean my bedrooms, followed by the hallways, then I go to the living room, pick up within each and every corner and closet, then the Kitchen, placing all the dirt, dust and debris into the center of the floor and finally out the back door. (PA FUERA!). If its warm out, I open all the windows. During the time I am cleaning the house, I also make sure to change the fuentes on my altars, cleanse my statues, remove old candles, and light new ones, change dried flowers, wipe up asses from the incense burner, and discard the water of my Siempreviva (Resurrection Plant) and add fresh new water.

It is important for a Puerto Rican to clean with music. You will often see young maidens cleaning a house to baladas and boleros, and crying while cleaning, and reminiscing of a lost love, or fantasizing of a future lover. (Crying is a form of cleansing the soul.) Or you will see older stronger women cleaning to Salsa or Bachata music. I always clean with music, it helps me to untangle the thoughts that need untangling, it grounds me and helps me to focus in the matter at hand. Not only do I clean to spiritual music, but depending on my mood that particular day I also spiritually clean to bolero, salsa or a bachata, or if I am in a really good mood a tecno club song is always put into the mix, but most of the time when I am spiritually cleaning I put on my religious and spiritual music. Also I love Deva Premal and Loreena McKennitt, but I never use this type of music for cleaning the house, I use it more for, grounding and meditation or a spiritual bath after the house is nice and clean.

As is tradition I always clean using Puerto Rican products such as Fabuloso, Mistolin, “mistolin hace feliz a su nariz.” or other latino products such as Money Drawing Powerful Indian, La Madama or Chango Macho aerosol sprays, “a little luck with games of chance wount hurt.” I use incense sticks, resins alcojolado, (bay rum) household salt and florida water filled with bay leaves and basil. These products help to remove unwanted vibrations in the home, and psychic dirt that accumulates quickly. But I also use bleach, windex, fabreze and Lysol, lets face it, “cuz it is what it is” I dont only have to remove undesirable vibtations from my home, I have to get rid of them pesky germs and dirt that help in making one ill and weak in the first place.

There is no dogma or doctrines when spiritually cleaning a house. One thing that is for sure, before giving the house a spiritual cleaning, one has to give the home a physical cleaning. dirt buildup within the home attracts negative and unwanted vibrations.

During the winter and spring seasons, my floors get filthy dirty, this has to do in part from all the slush, dirt or mud brought in from the shoes of guests, friends, family members, and clients. Dirt is of the earth and has a natural absorbing energy that by nature pulls peoples emotions, feelings and aura vibrations. Once these people enter your home, they leave a bit of their energy in your home, brought in from the absorbing dirt outside, and not just their vibrations, but the countless vibrations of others who had recently walked those same paths. Outdoors in nature this energy within time is purified, cleansed, and dissipates into the earth and universe. But indoors, especially in times when we are closed in during the winter months, this energy has no where to go, and it stays stuck within the confinement of your walls. This negative energy Is similar to faint fowl odors that stay within the home or germs that survive through locked up homes during the winter seasons, as germs strive in dry air.

Also emotional vibrations stay in the house, that can cause a home to feel heavy, and lifeless. Strong emotions such as anger, fear, frustration, confusion, and other emotions linger within the crevices of the walls in the home. Emotions such as joy, love, and happiness also can stay in the home, if the home is clean, but these putative emotions do not seam to linger as long within the house as the negative emotions.

Other negative emotions that seam to linger in the home, are the feelings of others. Envy, spite, jealousy, and disdain brought in by others stay within the home, and these negative vibrations need to be removed from the home, in order for the person or family to live within the house to feel comfortable, contempt and happy.

I always highly recommend that when you move into a new apartment or home, a spiritual cleansing should be done. Usually the vibrations of the prior residents linger within the home, one never knows their character, and if these individuals where negative it is more than likely that their vibrations are in the home and will cause you, some strss.

The following ritual and prayers are for cleansing the home of unwanted vibrations. But understand, these rituals are not by no means rituals to remove evil spirits, poltergeists, demons, hauntings or ghosts or ghosts from a home. If you feel your home is haunted I highly recommend you do not go at it alone, and seek the help of a trained professional who has done various successful exorcism before. I must state that I have noticed and seen with my eyes many well respected Mediums, espiritistas, and Brujos comfuse negative vibrations within a home to that of a haunting. Let me state, that although in many cases this could be true, it is not always the case. Yes I agree that negative emotions,vibrations and a dirty house often attract confused earth bound spirits.; Think of the Law of Attraction, Like Attracts Like; but one has to be completely sure without a doubt that this is the case. If you are Seeing apperitions, hearing voices, objects moving alone, or a full on Poltergeist, I will include prayers in a future blog, but never go at it alone. More than likely an inexperienced person can aggravate the situation and make it worse.


The items below are the items one can use to spiritully cleanse a home, by no means does it signify you need all these items. Use what ever 3 items you can get your hands on.

6. INCENSE STICKS (Nag Champa my favorite)
11. A MOP

I always start my house cleaning in the farthest room from the back door, my bathroom. I begin by sprinkling every corner with sea salt, (every corner of every room gets sprinkled with the sea salt) I always usually previously pray over and empower the salt for the task at hand, but salt naturally absorbs. Then I go back into every room and sweep up all the salt into the center of my kitchen floor which is by the back door. I then return to the bathroom and sprinkle Holy water mixed with an herbal infusion all over the floors and windows, behind every door, and corner of the house. I then proceed to mop it up. I take a dry clean cloth and I wipe down all the windows and doors. I do the same procedure in every room until I get to the kitchen floor. Then I sprinkle three drops of the holy water herbal solution over the pile of salt. Making the sign of the cross as I do this. I gather the salt and place it in a brown paper bag with three coins. And place this aside. Then again for the third time (3 being a sacred and holy number) I go back to the bathroom. Sometimes I light a cigar, other times a sage wand, or a charcoal filled with incense or sage, rue and rosemary. Use which ever you feel the most comfortable with. I begin to purify the air with the smoke as I simultaneously sprinkle or spray the air with a light mist of Florida water.Make sure to keep the florida water away from the sparks of the cigar or flames as it is flamable. Use precaution. As I do this I recite one of the prayers below, or a psalm (look up psalms in my blog) or sing my spiritual songs, again use the players and songs that are more comfortable to you. What’s the point of spiritually cleaning a house if you don’t agree or believe in a what you are saying. I fumigate every room with the smoke until again I am at the kitchen. Then I fumigate my self with the smoke, and extinguish the cigar or incense cone or charcoal with the holy water solution. And place it into the bag. I pass the brown paper bag through my body, as I recite the Our Father and Hail Mary. This helps to clean your aura. I toss the liquid out the back door, and the brown bag I place into a dumpster outside or away from my home. I go in, light a white 7 day candle, and enjoy an herbal tea with a nice cleansing bath.

There are times when I want to perform a quick house cleansing, this I do by purchasing a coconut, covering completely with white cascarilla powder that I purchase at a Botanica and with a broom I pass it through every room. Until I get to the back door and through it on the pavement the broken coconut I pick up and place into a brown bag and clean my aura. Also I often sprinkle the front door and back door with salt and holy water as this in itself creates a small barrier in keeping unwanted vibrations from entering into the home. Camphor cubes also help in removing negative vibrations. I put a cube under the corners of my couches or under my bed. Or in a glass goblet of water, be careful with young children or pets getting into your camphor and thinking its an eatable treat, its not.


General House Cleansing and Blessing Prayers.


“God lives within me, so that I may bless and purify this home with Peace, Patience, and Love. God is present everywhere, and his unconditional love will conquer the shadows that bring fear. This Home is blessed and purified with the mystic white light. Its walls, floors, corridors, ceilings, Windows and doors shall be filled with Harmony, Peace, and Faith. Because God lives, and within me he shall bless this home. So be it, Amen.”


Yo (n.n.) purifico a este hogar. Y por todas partes que yo vaye con este humo sagrado (agua bendita) Yo libero el ambiente de todos los Corrientes y Fluidos Malignos, visible e invisible.
Y por la gracia de Dios Todopoderoso, (n.n.) sera libre de todo peligro; visto y sin ser visto.
En el Sagrado Nombre de Dios Padre, Dios Hijo, y Dios Espiritu Santo. Asi sea, Amen.

“I (n.n.) purify this sacred home. And where ever I go with this sacred smoke, (Holy Water) I will free this environment of all malignant currents and fluids, seen and unseen.
And by the Grace of God, (name of person or family) shall be free of all danger, visible and invisible.
In the Holy Name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. So Be It. Amen.’


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