The 10 Levels of Spirits that a Puerto Rican Sancista Espiritista can manifest.

1. Espiritus Ilustrados: (The Enlightened Ones) Enlightened Spirits. Spirits of Perfection, Intellectually superior, pure in feeling, universal harmony. This group of spirits are closest to God, and are never influenced by material things.

2. Espiritus Superiores: (The Superiors) These spirits transmit morality, wisdon, scientific knowledge, universal laws, and mysteries of the universe. These Spirits only manifest themselves through a Medium in missions of pure enlightenment and good.

3. Espiritus Prudentes: ( The Prudent) Wise and judicious. They manifest themselves with morality but with limited wisdom.

4., Espiritus Sapiente: ( The Sapiens) Great wisdom and sound judgment, great advice, but limited scientific wisdom.

5. Espiritus Benevolos: (The Benevolent Ones) High level of morality, and ethics. They manifest for the greater good of the medium but hold limited wisdom.

6. Espiritus Perturbado: (The Perturbers) Disturbed, disquiet, and agitated spirits. This group of spirits are deranged and manifest disorder.

7. Espiritus Neutrales: (The Neutrals) This group of spirits are neither benevolent nor malevolent. They easily manifest themselves by material objects, and can be as badly natured as they are good. These spirits are usually bantering in nature, but easily agitated.

8. Espiritus Falsos: (The False Instructors) This Group of Spirits manifest as all knowing, but usually give false, untrue, and ignorant information.

9. Espiritus Fantasmas: (The Ghosts) Ignorant and mocking, this group of spirits clings to the material world. Some have an evil nature and feed of the energy of fear in humans. Others are spirits who clung to the material world because of a traumatic experience during life, and are unable to go into the light with out the aid of a Sanse Espiritista.

10. Espiritus Impuros Intranquilos (The Impure Intranquil) Malevolent spirits, full of hatred and grudges. of Spirits are wondering souls that are known as poltergeists, they manifest themselves as imperceptible and unpredictable entities. They have the strength because of their pure rage to move inanimate objects, impaired knocking, pounding or banging) and, on many occasions can physically attack the living.


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